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Senior Full Stack Software Engineer | REMOTE

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Posted 12 days ago

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Full Time


$100k - $150k





  • Distru is the #1 ERP in the Cannabis Industry, aiming to streamline the supply chain with a highly technical and customer-driven team

  • The Senior Full Stack Software Engineer will lead core workflows, work without ego, and have full ownership over projects

  • Opportunities for growth include mastering complex domains, working in a fully remote timezone agnostic role, and collaborating closely with cross-functional teams


Powering Trade For The Emerging Cannabis Industry

Distru is the ! We are a highly technical and customer-driven team building a software platform to streamline the supply chain for the cannabis industry. Most of the top cannabis brands and distributors across the United States use our software to manage their entire operation and stay compliant.

We are stable, profitable, and heavily investing in growing new product lines to expand our reach in 2024/2025. Our investors include , , , and who have funded companies such as Shopify, Cruise, HelloFresh, Facebook, Slack, and Opendoor.

The Opportunity

We are a product-oriented team that works without ego and strives to solve real problems for the cannabis industry. As a software engineer, you will take full ownership over shipping core workflows of the product. This involves working closely with product, customer success, and customers themselves to define and execute our roadmap.

This is a fully remote timezone agnostic role. We value great people, no matter where they are!

Our Team Culture

The Distru team has one of the best cultures you'll ever come across, We genuinely love working with each other in a no-ego, no-politics manner, and we've come to all become close friends :)

Here's a sneak peek of who we are, hopefully this jives with you:

We expect you to:

  • Prioritize customers + revenue: Distru engineers think like business owners first, which means we ignore non-critical technical improvements, cut project scope, and ship quickly (in a well-tested and scalable manner).

  • Be independently successful: Distru engineers are solely accountable for the success of their projects. We own the planning, coordination, implementation, and post-release upkeep.

  • Write simple + easy-to-understand code: Distru engineers don't reinvent the wheel or try to be "smart" with our code. We follow patterns that the rest of the team uses to maximize our team velocity.

  • Proactively drive communication + success: Distru engineers don't wait for others to come to them. We are the drivers in communication with Product, Sales, Customer Success, and customers to achieve the results needed.

  • Master very contextually complicated industries/domains: Distru engineers must quickly learn incredibly complicated domain knowledge around ERPs, Supply Chain, and the Cannabis industry to succeed. Just being a great engineer is not enough.

  • Cut scope and ship fast: Distru engineers know where to (and not to) cut technical/product scope. This allows us to ship very fast without sacrificing code quality and customer experience.

You are:

  • A product-minded engineer who thinks about customer + revenue first.

  • A leader in cutting costs and driving revenue with everything you work on.

  • Capable of leading, managing, and executing your projects to succeed without management.

  • Highly edge case-oriented, given the complex customer workflows we deal with.

  • Excellent at proactively communicating with different departments and customers, and extracting clarity in fuzzy situations.

  • Easily adaptable to our technical patterns + standards that you may not be used to or even personally agree with.

Your experience:

  • Full stack engineering (we use Elixir, Postgres, GraphQL, TypeScript, React). It's okay if you don't know our stack, but you should be confident in picking it up quickly

  • Experience working on big contextually complex applications.

  • Experience owning and executing major features from start to finish, with speed & predictability.

  • Experience writing high-quality code with effective test coverage.

  • Experience proactively initiating progress and timeline updates with the rest of the team.

  • Bonus: Experience developing complex SaaS products (logistics, supply chain, accounting etc...)

  • Bonus: Experience in Cannabis

  • Bonus: Worked remotely, ideally on a distributed team

You should be aware:

  • We are a single repo monolith and that won't change for the foreseeable future. It is the right architecture for our team size and business needs.

  • Big technical overhauls are extremely rare. They typically have a lower impact on revenue compared to shipping features.

  • We rarely do pair programming. Our size requires each engineer to be independently successful.

  • We have a huge codebase and it will most likely overwhelm you at first. Distru is a very feature-rich & contextually complex ERP.

  • We have limited technical documentation and that won't change for the foreseeable future. You will need to proactively put in the work to learn the system.

  • We rarely experiment with new tech, unless the time commitment to revenue gained is extremely favorable (i.e. Github Copilot has an immediate return on productivity, with almost zero time commitment).

Examples of why past engineers didn't work out at Distru:

  • A past engineer was not product-minded, and coded without thinking through if their solution was best for the customer. This caused tons of re-iteration cycles that could have been avoided.

  • A past engineer was not edge-case oriented, and their features often broke when customers used them in unexpected ways.

  • A past engineer could not grasp the large + complex codebase at Distru, and their output was noticeably slower than the rest of the team.

  • A past engineer had trouble adhering to existing patterns and insisted on refactoring the codebase, which had no revenue impact and slowed down other engineers' productivity.

  • A past engineer did not proactively communicate concerns/timeline delays, which caused consistent misunderstandings with the rest of the team and customers.

  • A past engineer pushed to implement bleeding edge new tech (for the sake of tech) without consideration for revenue/customer.


  • 18 days paid time off (we want you to use these).

  • Full medical, vision, and dental coverage. 90% coverage for spouse, domestic partner, and any dependent family members.

  • Full remote + timezone agnostic work culture, work anywhere you want.

  • Transparent leadership team (we share company financials, so you know what we do).

  • Yearly team vacations (these are so fun, we've done + so far).

  • Employee-friendly stock options exercise terms and post-termination exercise window.

  • Working with a world-class product + engineering team.

$100,000 - $150,000 a year

Interview Process

1. 20-minute intro chat.

2. 30-45 minute interview with CTO.

3. 60-minute coding take-home assignment, either in JavaScript or Elixir.

4. Technical spec take-home assignment (if you pass this stage, 80-90% chance you will receive an offer)

5. 45-minute interview with Director of Eng + CEO

7. Offer letter.

Distru was formed by an environment of mutual respect and trust made up by people working together without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy (including childbirth, lactation and related medical conditions), national origin, age, physical and mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information (including characteristics and testing), military and veteran status, and any other characteristic protected by law. We believe that diversity and inclusion among our team members is critical to our success and we proactively strive to recruit, develop and retain the best and brightest people from the most diverse candidate pools we can find all over the world.