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Software Engineer - Infrastructure Services

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Posted 4 days ago

Job Type

Full Time


$180k - $280k





  • Mission/Vision: Orkes is building a platform for developers to create durable, distributed event-driven applications, focusing on scalability and efficiency.

  • Key Responsibilities: Lead and implement DevOps and site reliability practices, develop tools for efficient infrastructure operation, and address growing organizational needs in compute, networking, and storage.

  • Growth Opportunities: Shape the future of infrastructure, establish best practices in security and scalability, and work directly with customers to solve complex problems.


About Us

Orkes is a platform for developers to build durable, distributed event driven applications.  Based on the popular open source orchestration engine , Orkes lets developers focus on faster go to market with applications, scaling them to handle without having to worry about failures, scalability or visibility into the executions.

As a seasoned engineer in Infrastructure you will lead and implement the best DevOps and site reliability  practices in the engineering organization. You will leverage your experience to make it easier for customers to deploy Orkes on their infrastructures. You will lead the best practices in operational excellence and develop tools to make it possible for stakeholders to operate internal  infrastructure easily and in an efficient manner. As the first software infrastructure specialist = you will shape the future of our infrastructure as well as address the growing needs of the organization in terms of  compute, networking and storage.

Your job duties:

-Partner effectively with engineering and customer focused roles to understand infrastructure requirements and customer pain points.

-Establish a vision and roadmap for software infrastructure in terms of security, scalability and operational costs.

-Establish a culture that ensures we have good operational hygiene and are continuously improving.

-Identify and work on automating our workflows .

-Collaborate with software engineering on building a robust software architecture.

-Work with customers to resolve their infrastructure concerns. Develop and establish a secure by design culture.

Qualities that will help you succeed:

-Experience architecting and leading best practices in operating large scale systems.

-Hands on knowledge of at least one of the major 3 cloud providers -  AWS, GCP or Azure.

-Experience influencing and leading best practices in compute, networking and storage infrastructure.

-Excellent collaboration and communication skills.

-At least 5 years coding experience (Go, Java, or other applicable language) and experience writing concurrent code.

-Experience interacting with customers including both verbal and written.

-Self motivated  and proactive with an ability to navigate ambiguous situations and lead independently with ownership.

The requirements listed in the job descriptions are guidelines. You don’t have to satisfy every requirement or meet every qualification listed. If your skills are transferable we would still love to hear from you.

More Details:

The base salary for this role is between $180,000 to $280,000 USD. When determining compensation, a number of factors will be considered: skills, experience, job scope, location, and competitive compensation market data.

Start Date: ASAP

Status: Full time

Type: Remote

Location: US

Department: Engineering

Reports to: Head of Engineering


Comprehensive health coverage including medical, dental, and vision

Flexible PTO

Annual personal development fund

Work headphones reimbursement

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

At Orkes, we are committed to building a team that reflects a rich tapestry of perspectives, identities, and professional experiences. We believe that diversity is not just a checkbox, but a driving force behind innovation, creativity, and success. By embracing a variety of backgrounds, we cultivate an inclusive environment where every team member feels valued and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work.

Join us at Orkes and be a part of a team where your unique perspectives are not only welcomed but celebrated. Together we are shaping the future technology by leveraging the strength that comes from embracing diversity in all its forms. Your Journey with us is an opportunity to contribute to something greater and make a lasting impact.


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